Simulator Ride Winners – Leo Matriculation Higher Secondary School


Students selected for Simulator ride.

The Date and Time of Simulator ride:

Students should report at 9.00 AM for morning batch & at 1.00 PM for afternoon batch

Student Name Class & Section Sim Date Time
Abilash. S XII  ‘C’ 9-Apr-14 10:00 AM
Gunal Kumar. R.V XII  ‘A’ 9-Apr-14 10:30 AM
Rahul. R XII  ‘C’ 9-Apr-14 11:00 AM
Anu. A XII  ‘A’ 9-Apr-14 11:30 AM
Senthil Kumar.K XII  ‘C’ 9-Apr-14 12:00 PM
Abhishek Mano. D XII  ‘D’ 9-Apr-14 2:00 PM
Vishal. V XII  ‘E’ 9-Apr-14 2:30 PM
Priyanka. R XII  ‘A’ 9-Apr-14 3:00 PM
Arokiya Renit. D XII  ‘A’ 9-Apr-14 3:30 PM
Sugadev. D. K XII  ‘B’ 9-Apr-14 4:00 PM
Pradeep. V. G XII  ‘D’ 10-Apr-14 10:00 AM
Vineeth Kumar. S XII  ‘D’ 10-Apr-14 10:30 AM
Vishwanath. M XII  ‘C’ 10-Apr-14 11:00 AM
Arun Kumar. G XII  ‘B’ 10-Apr-14 11:30 AM
Vanmathi. B XII  ‘E’ 10-Apr-14 12:00 PM
Nivetha. G. S XII  ‘A’ 10-Apr-14 2:00 PM
Akash Kumar XII  ‘C’ 10-Apr-14 2:30 PM
Kalpana. K XII  ‘C’ 10-Apr-14 3:00 PM
Vani. N XII  ‘C’ 10-Apr-14 3:30 PM
Santhiya. A XII  ‘A’ 10-Apr-14 4:00 PM