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    Iam Bhuvaneshwari,i have finished flight dispatcher and ground handling course in Avel Flight School.This course is high valuable in aviation field.the 12th completed students can choose this course , it will give bright future. Here the faculties giving good training to the student for get job.

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    FROM DWARAGANATH S (FLIGHT DIPATCH & GROUND HANDLIND)… I am very happy and satisfied,that i too learn something,related to aviation both the instructor gives the explanation, regarding the modules was very nice,its very intresting and easy to understand the concepts from the Instructor”s explanation.and also the total management was perfect in all aspects,.class room facility also good,.again i am saying that i am very happy that i learn something thats too related to aviation.VERY THANK FULL TO THE WHOLE MANAGAMENT AND SPECIAL THANKS TO MY INSTRUCTORS…

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    I’m M. Roshini, a current student of FLIGHT DISPATCH AND GROUND HANDLING DIPLOMA program at AVEL FLIGHT SCHOOL, Chennai. I would take this opportunity to thank my ground instructors Mr.Goutham Subash and Mr.Austine Prashy Paul for their wonderful teaching, &  who helped me to crack the interview with AIR INDIA and i got selected as a Ground Handler and Customer Agent. Also my sincere thanks to AVEL FLIGHT SCHOOL team who supported me with academic classes, they are absolutely creditable. I’m very proud of being a student of AVEL FLIGHT SCHOOL.
    Thanking you once again.

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    The Radio Telephony Course that I recently did with Avel Flight School was fantastic and very good value for money. The administrative staff were extremely friendly, yet professional and always ready to help and my instructors were brilliant and knowledgeable. I am considering doing my Pilot training and would not think of enrolling anywhere else other than Avel Flight School. I would highly recommend this school to anyone thinking of acquiring a Pilot’s license.
    Manikandan B

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    Prashanth, I sincerely want to thank you and your team for helping me to complete my ground school with great success. Being new to flying and loving every minute of it, It was great to have the confidence to pass my ground school certification thru your efforts of professionalism, vast experience, Diligence and your true interest in helping me succeed. I cant thank you enough for all your efforts, support and always being there for me when needed. You continue to make flying one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had. Keep up the excellent work! Randall A Schaumburg Il 
    Randall Amundsn

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    Following an introductory flight with Prashanth Elangoval who is the president and chief flight instructor at Avel, I signed up for the Private Pilot Ground School that he was teaching starting the next week. He is a very knowledgeable tutor who can balance theory with practical first hand anecdotes that serve you well as you begin logging flight hours. We used a combination of slides, the Gleim Kit and ASA PrepWare as we worked towards the proficiency needed to clear the FAA knowledge test. Classroom mockups include model aircraft, propellers, and a few flight instruments. The school flies a Piper PA38 Tomahawk. The course compresses a lot of information into around 50 classroom hours over 10 days, but you will need to prepare as well to do justice to the material that Prashanth whets your appetite on.
    Karthik Bharathan

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    I just completed the intense ground school (45+ hours in 7 days). The instructor, Prashanth, did an amazing job covering all the necessary topics in such a short amount of time. The instructors are very knowledgeable, experienced, and generous with their time. Even more surprising, the instructor made himself available 24/7 to give us individual attention!!! I had absolutely zero aviation knowledge entering the class, yet passed the FAA written exam with flying colors. I can’t wait to begin my flight training with Avel Flight School 😉
    Mario Lopez

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    The free two day private pilot ground school course given by Prashanth Elangovan of Avel Flight School was very informative. I needed to get a better understanding of the theory behind flying before making the decisionto join flight school and the free ground school course gave me the confidence to move ahead. Prashanth’s experience and knowledge in flying together with his teaching skills make him a very talented flight instructor. I look forward to taking flying lessons from his school.


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    I December, I took a ground school prep course for the Private Pilot written test with Avel Flight School. Prashanth was the instructor for the course, and boy was it effective. I’ve fooled around with flight sims before, but he taught the ins and outs that I needed to be able to pass the FAA’s knowledge test (I passed with a 90% on my first try).
    The course was done in one week, and it fit around my work schedule nicely. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to work towards their private pilot license.


    Review           click to see Yelp Avel Flight School Yelp Review

    I have been interested in learning to fly for a while now. So I shopped around for places that do discovery flights to see which ones would be cheaper and I came across this school.

    Not only were they the most reasonably prices but the staff was extremely friendly as well. The administrator Lauren and the owner Prashanth really helped me understand the different courses that they offer and that the discovery flight would be the best starting option for me to see if I even like being up in the air. The hour discovery flight was amazing!!! I did not think that I would be the one flying the plane but I did for the whole hour!! You get a brief but thorough over view of the plane and what you will be doing.  Then you get taken up into the air where you get to fly the plane as much as you and/or  the instructor feel comfortable (other then take off and landing, they do that!!!)

    Once I got back they gave my a certificate with my name on it showing that I had taken the discovery flight. Since I am interested in getting my private pilot license they also told me about a free ground school that they were offering at the time and that I guess they offer several times a year. You put money down to save your spot and after you pass the test in the time they give you, you get that money back!!! They said that would be a good step for me to go in to see if I even like it and if i do and i decide to finish my private license they will put that money toward the rest of the course!!

    I was shocked at how much they were offering the private course for, for I have looked at several other school in Illinois and ALL of them were 4-7 THOUSAND dollars more. And on top of that they are a part 141 sand 61 school, one of only two in Illinois. I cant wait to sign up for the next free ground school they offer and hopefully after that finish my whole private pilot license 🙂

    Amber. A


    Review           click to see Yelp Avel Flight School Yelp Review

    I have been flight instructing in Chicago for the last 35 years. I have known Prashant for two years. His Piper Tomahawk is well maintained and he is an excellent instructor. He has an FAA Part 141 school which has a demanding curriculum. I am not aware of any other such schools in the area that is Part 141 approved. This combined with his years of experience give the students the most for their money. He loves teaching people to fly and if you give him a chance you quickly recognise you made a wise choice.

    T here are many schools that simply give new instructors on the job training at the students expense. . This is not the case with Prashant. You will benefit each minute you spend with him. Furthermore, Avel is a Part 141 school. The FAA requires a much higher maintenance standard on Part 141 aircraft. For example, the engine is not allowed to be operated beyond the manufacturers recommended 2000 hours before overhaul even if it runs like a watch. If a flight school is not Part 141, they can and do operate that engine well beyond the 2000 hours and many do just that to save $25,000 on an overhaul bill.I have flown for 4 different air lines and find that Avel’s Piper Tomahawk is maintained just as goodl or better than any of the airline planes I flew.In this depressed economy it is hard for many to come up with the cash necessary to complete their license. It might be in their best interest to negotiate a discounted hourly rate in return for flying10 hours per month or more. It has been my experinece that students will average 70 hours flying time and 40 hours ground instruction, before they get their private pilot license. Of the 70 hours flying time, about 40 hours is with the instructor. The above instruction should cost close to $10,000 at todays prices. If you are a fast learner, it will be less.
    Sincerely Yours,
    Jonathan Charnes

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    Yelp Avel Flight School Yelp Review

    I just passed my Private Pilot Exam (August 1, 2013) with Avel Flight School. I really enjoyed time spent at the school and learning all there is about aviation for PPL. I’ve met and learnt from 3 different instructors, who really took care of me. They always had time for me and explained everything until they were 100% sure I understood it. People there are really friendly and knowledgable, which is very important when you spend countless hours in ground school for preparation for your exams. When time for check ride came, I was well prepared, therefore, passing the exams was just a formality to become who I always wanted to be – a pilot. I will be coming back to Avel for my Instrument Rating soon. I really highly recommend them for anything related with aviation.

    Konrad Stasiukiewicz


    The two day private pilot ground school course given by Prashanth Elangovan of Avel Flight School was outstanding.  While any student can read the technical information and concepts presented in various aviation training publications, Prashanth has the remarkable ability to take that information and those concepts and present them in a concise, straightforward, easy to understand manner.  His knowledge of aviation theory, real first hand flying experience and, his ability to use simple sketches and clear examples from the real world to explain, often times, complex and detailed subject matter, makes him a pleasure to learn from.
    Steve P.
    Mundelein, IL

    Review           click to see YelpAvel Flight School Yelp Review

    I was recently given the gift of flight by my wife via a living social coupon.  Having never flown before I was very nervous about the experience although I always dreamed of learning to fly.  Prashanth, the owner, provided a memorable experience that I’ll never forget.  As I began my ground lesson he was very patient and allowed me to ask many questions as he explained the basics of the airplane and the flying procedure.  My major concern was safety but after his explanations I felt very comfortable knowing that I was being trained by competent company.  Although I was very nervous during our initial flight   he was clever enough to allow for a stop at another airport before continuing the flight which allowed me to relax between stops and feel more comfortable with the second flight.  It was the second flight that convinced me that flying was good idea for me and something I should pursue more seriously in the very near future.  I later did further research and found out that the flight school was a Federal Aviation Administration Part 141 approved flight school.  Once I realized this is the closest school to where I live in Oak Park with this designation and only one of eleven in the state, I knew that they would be the school I would choose for my additional training.  I therefore enthusiastically recommend Avel Flight School in Schaumburg for  anyone looking to start their journey towards their pilots license. 

    Review           click to see GoogleYelpAvel Flight School Yelp Review

    I recently joined Avel Flight School and i can say that my experience so far has been fantastic. The ground school is very informative as the teaching personnel makes sure you are prepared for the examinations. The flying aspect of this school is also very good. Overall, I would recommend Avel Flight School to anyone seeking a private pilot license – it prepares you well for all the examinations and helps you gather the experience and skill required to become a good pilot. I am very thrilled that I joined this particular school. I have taken the decision after carefully assessing other schools in this field and today i am happy that i made a good decision in joining Avel Flight School. All the best to all the staffs and instructors at the school.
    Andrew Thomas

    Review           click to see GoogleYelpAvel Flight School Yelp Review

    My Name is Thomas Abraham and I have enrolled with Avel Flight school. The chief officer of the school was fantastic and the set up has been excellent. The owner of the school Mr. Prashant was exceptionally knowledgeable in his field. Although Flying was a new field for me but it was the extraordinary skill of the school that FLYING looks like a piece of cake for me now. One of the main reason or rather the main reason of me liking FLYING is because the way we have been taught in the class. The teaching method has been in form of “STORY TELLING” and we can forget the lesson but not anything taught in form of a story. Keep it up my friends at AVEL FLIGHT SCHOOL. I recommend this school to everyone and anyone who is interested in starting their carrier in FLYING or take FLYING as a hobby. Keep it up!!!!!
    Thomas Abraham

    Review           click to see YelpAvel Flight School Yelp Review 3 stars

    The free two day private pilot ground school course given by Prashanth Elangovan of Avel Flight School was very informative. I needed to get a better understanding of the theory behind flying before making the decision to join flight school and the free ground school course gave me the confidence to move ahead.  Prashanth’s experience and knowledge in flying together with his teaching skills make him a very talented flight instructor. I look forward to taking flying lessons from his school.


    Review      Living Social     

    Really great experience!!! Friendly and knowledgeable staff and an awesome adventure to boot!

    Amy Chalom



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