PPL Ground Classes – DGCA Exam Preparation Course 

DGCA Written Exam Preparation

An introduction to flying course is offered by Chennai Flight School & Aviation College in India. After successfully completing this six-week course, students are eligible to sit for the Private Pilot License (PPL) test.

Students who have recently passed their 10th board examinations and are above 16 years old are the target audience for the PPL program. This program aims to introduce students to a flying career while they are still in school by offering training over the summer break without interfering with their academic schedule. The Commercial Pilot License (CPL) DGCA Examination can be prepared for between the 11th and 12th Standard Breaks to upgrade the PPL, which has a five-year validity period.

Hence, by preparing for the DGCA Test, a student will have finished one-third of the Commercial Pilot License (CPL) course by the time they pass their 12th standard Board Examinations.

 The PPL Ground Class program has a number of advantages.

First off, most students start the two-year or longer flying training after their 12th-grade examinations. However, if they enrol in the PPL program after finishing the 10th grade, they can complete the CPL within a year of graduating from the 12th grade. This is very advantageous because it allows them to enter a full-time degree program of their choice at a young age while already possessing a flying license and a degree.

Another benefit is that it gives pupils the chance to investigate the various career options in aviation at an early age. By doing this, students may determine if they want to pursue flying as a career or not, and if not, they can research alternative careers without interrupting their schoolwork or their time in college.

Participants in the program will receive instruction in fundamental aspects of flying, including flight theory, aviation laws, aviation weather, air navigation, aero-engines, airframes, and avionics.

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