Multi Engine Instructor Rating – MEI

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Multi-Engine Instructor

Flight Instructor – Multi-Engine (MEI)

This course prepares certified flight instructors who have previously obtained a multiengine rating to become FAA certified multiengine flight instructors. Both ground and flight training components are included in this course.
The ground training course presents the pilot with the knowledge needed to instruct advanced systems, aerodynamics, multiengine operations, and emergency operations within the multiengine airplane. The flight training course prepares pilots to instruct in the multiengine airplane. Instructional techniques and procedures are also presented with respect to the multiengine airplane to ensure safety.
Multiengine maneuvers, operations, and emergencies will also be presented.
Flight Training

  • 25 hours: Multiengine Land
  • 5 hours: Ground Lessons

Ground School

  • 20 hours