Discovery Flight & Gift Certificate

Give a gift that truly inspires.

Pilot Journey’s Discovery Flight Gift Certificate is the perfect gift for anyone that has dreamed of being in the cockpit. Need a great gift ASAP? Order online and receive a certificate by email instantly!

Buy it today and use it anytime, you do not need to know which school it will be used at before your purchase. The only gift certificate you will buy with NO small print. We give refunds anytime.

A REAL Flight Lesson in a REAL airplane at an airport near you! With over 450 locations, you can fly just minutes from where you live!

Introductory Flights are only valid for 6 months from the date of purchase! The flight has to be scheduled and flown regardless of cancellations before the end of 1 year from the date of purchase.

Introductory Flights are NON-Refundable unless you select refundable option above. In the event that you the customer requests a refund for the flight, the extra refund fee charged will not be refunded.

If the passangers/customers do not show up for the flight they will not be able to reschedule! Passangers/Customers will lose the flight.

Introductory Flights can be rescheduled anytime unless you attempt to reschedule within 24 hours of your selected flight.

U.S. State I.D. is required before the flight.

Pre-flight overview of the aircraft covering pre-flight procedures: aircraft inspection, control surfaces, taxi and communication with ATC.

Approximately 30 minute flight with student at the controls.

Instructor sits at the second set of controls, making you feel as comfortable as possible.

Tour of the city can be included in the flight! Learn the basics: taxi, takeoffs, climbs, turns, descents, and landings.

After the flight, there will be a discussion of the training process, syllabus, and your future at Midway Aviators.

A great way to get started on your training is by trying one of our introductory flight packages. Both packages feature an introduction to the basics of flight taught by one of our FAA certified flight instructors. These packages are ideal for the future pilot who is unsure about whether flying is right for him or her and would like to take a first step towards earning a pilot certificate.

The package will include:

The Flight Ticket.

  • Information on what we will be doing on the flight.
  • Information on aircraft controls to prepare you for the flight.
  • Information on how to schedule your flight.

In addition we can ship the package overnight or e-mail to meet birthday and holiday deadlines.

To purchase, select the Add to Cart link below or above and follow the Checkout process.