ABC – Airline Bridge Course (Interview Preparation Course)

Airline Interview Preperation Course

Today’s pilot job interview selection process can be very challenging especially for a freshly graduated pilot. The interview and selection for this highly sought after career as a pilot involves a tedious five stage process.

They are:
Technical Written Exam

Technical Oral Interview

HR Oral Interview

Psychometric Test

Simulator Check

Many of the subjects covered by the airlines in these stages of interview and selection involve both subjects included in the Commercial Pilot License as well as more advanced subjects such as handling big jets, systems, engines and supersonic flight not detailed within the Commercial Pilot License syllabus.

Avel Flight School & Aviation College’s Airline Bridge Course – ABC (An Interview Preparation Course) bridges this gap between the Commercial Pilot License syllabus and the subjects asked in the airline interview selection to make sure you do well in the written and oral technical part of the exam.  This course is currently offered at our branch in Chennai, India.

We also prepare you for the very important Human Resources Non Technical questions involved in the selection of a candidate for the pilot position.

The highlight of our training is the simulator sessions. Here, we focus on the most important part of the airline interview selection process, the Simulator Check.

Instrument procedures tested by the airlines in their simulator check along with familiarization of HSI (Horizontal Situation Indicator), RMI (Radio Magnetic Indicator) and the glass cockpit quintessential for succeeding is covered in our simulator sessions as part of this ABC course.


Join the next batch of our ABC. Sharpen your skills and give yourself a fighting chance, ready to face the airline interview process with confidence and competence!

To join the course, contact us for more information.