Cabin Crew / Air Hostess Course

Air Hostess & Ground Handling

The Air Hostess also called as a Flight Attendant , Cabin Crew or Flight Steward is a rewarding career option offering unparalleled experience and competitive remuneration.Chennai Flight School’s Cabin Crew / Air Hostess Course offers the quickest path to achieving your dream of having a flying career as a Flight Attendant. This qualification is focused on the job openings offered by this exciting industry. The course is designed to be comprehensive, updated with the latest trends in aviation, giving you the edge over your competition.  This course is currently offered at our branch in Chennai, India.

On completion of this course some of the jobs you will be qualified to apply are:






  • Traffic assistants
  • Reservation and counter executives
  • Air Hostess / Flight Attendants / Flight Stewards / Cabin Crew
  • Sales executives
  • Airport duty officer
  • Airline personal call centers etc.
  • Hostess / Stewards / Stewardess / Attendants / Cabin Crew
  • Customer service executives
  • Food & Beverages coordinator
  • Administrator
  • Sales/space booking etc.
  • Hostess / Stewards / Stewardess / Attendants
  • Tour operators
  • Reception Manager
  • Travel consultants
  • Front office executives / assistants
  • Relation managers and captains




  • Reservation and counter executives
  • Clearing & forwarding agents
  • Tour Operators
  • Sales & marketing executives etc.
  • Hostesses
  • Customer service executives
  • Sales
  • Reception Manager
  • Front office executives / assistants
  • Relation Manager
  • Sales & Marketing executive
  • Counter Executives

Some of the responsibilities and job description of a Air Hostess are:

1.Ensures comfort and safety of passengers.

2. Explain Safety and emergency procedures before take-off and assists passengers on board

3.Make in-flight announcements including weather and places of interest en route.

4. Provides refreshments, reading material etc to the passengers

Some of the responsibilities and job description of a Ground Handler are:

1. Cabin Service, Ramp Service, Passenger Service & Field Operation Service.

2. Addresses the many service requirements of a passenger aircraft between the time it arrives at a terminal gate and the time it departs on its next flight (Turnaround Time).

3. Ground handling includes general administration, baggage, freight and mail handling, loading and unloading of aircraft and transport of crew, passengers and baggage, fuel and oil handling and catering services.

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